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As we take the opportunity to watch the 2016 NHSRA Finals over the internet we are reminded of the success that our athletes have achieved over the 2015-2016 season.


Region IX qualified 80 athletes in 14 events to compete at the State Finals in Abilene, Texas the first full week of June.  Moving on from the state finals, five Region IX athletes qualified to compete in Gillette, Wyoming at the NHSRA Finals the third week of July.


Of course this is a testament to the hard work the contestants, their families and friends put in at the practice pen and in the arena.


As competitors we need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.  That broader look includes the generous sponsors that contribute to the success of the region and in part to the success of the athletes.  Our region has reaped the benefit of 37 different sponsors that have played a big part in rewarding our athletes for their hard work.


Just a brief listing of the awards that were distributed help us to recognize their generosity; Buckles - $13,500, Saddles and tack - $25,000, Region Jackets - $17,000, Scholarships - $18,000 and Miscellaneous awards and the banquet - $3,600.  The total is impressive - $77,100!


To each of the sponsors, we truly appreciate your contribution to our organization.  We appreciate that you have a choice where your money is spent and want you to know that we Region IX athletes are grateful that you have decided to support us.


See you down the rodeo trail,


THSRA Region IX Athletes

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