Texas High School Rodeo is an organization committed to providing high school boys and girls with the opportunity to compete in rodeo events.  Through high school rodeo, competitors are given the chance to advance all the way to the national level.  Region IX is the best place to start your high school rodeo career.  Located in southeast Texas, Region IX enables you to compete against some of the toughest cowboys and cowgirls in the state in a variety of arenas.  Not only will you enjoy a well organized rodeo performance, but you will make friendships through a sport we all love.

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Texas High School

Rodeo Roundup Fundraiser!!!!!

October 22, 2014

Navasota Livestock Auction
7846 Hwy 90 South
Navasota, TX 77868
Wednesday, Oct 22 @ 6:00pm

FMI: www.ramagyouthroundup.com


We need as many people as we can get to come out and help serve food. Region IX has raised a lot of money at these functions!!! Hooray for us!!! If you are not familiar with this event, here is how it works:

A group of guys go around the state of Texas from livestock barn to livestock barn every week in Texas & Oklahoma. They drive a convoy of brand new Ram trucks…one pulls a flatbed trailer(float)  loaded with 2 Case tractors and one pulls a customized stock trailer stocked with a huge tent, tables & chairs and they also drive a huge refrigerated truck(reefer)  full of food. They arrive a day in advance and prepare for the event. The day of the event they set up the huge tent and tables/chairs. They cook an awesome 8oz sirloin steak dinner with all the trimmings for **FREE**

Sponsors give a speech on their product and they show a video. At the end of the presentation, all they ask for is a donation from everyone eating. 50% of the money raised goes to state and 50% goes to the region. Historically, the more region people that show up, the more they give. One year in Buffalo, they raised $3,500.00!!!!Who can say no to a kid????? SO, COME OUT AND SUPPORT YOUR REGION!!!!!All you need to do is show up in western attire (cowboy hat, long sleeve shirt, jeans, boots)

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Halletsville Rodeo


If you were in High School Rodeo last year 2013/2014 and you were in the top 3 of the year, you are invited to participate in the Texas State Championship High School Rodeo Founders Invitational in Halletsville, TX on October 18 & 19, 2014. Entries need to be postmarked by October 1, 2014. If there was a senior in the top 3, then it falls to the next one down in line. You can check to see if you’re eligible by clicking here . If you need an entry form click here .

Region IX Office:

Kim Ackel ~ Secretary

PO Box 67

Hamshire, TX 77622

Ph: 409-781-3902

Fax: 936-258-0499



Eddie Dyson

PO Box1345

Dayton TX 77535

PH: 713-553-6421 (mobile)

PH: 936-258-3688 (home)

FAX: 936-258-0499



Vice President

Terry Winfrey

PH: 936-661-9460